Summer closing

Here comes important dates regarding cleaning and closing for this semester. After the end of this semester, other activities take place that mean that the school must be cleaned and emptied.

School closes!

June 11 is the last day to pick up things from the studio floors
June 11 closes the whole school for students
June 12 and onwards – What is left at the school is thrown away or placed in the recycling rooms

Cleaning in progress

• Throw! In the green vessels on the studio floors, you throw flammable.
• Sort! On the 1st floor opposite the caretaker, you sort spray bottles, glasses, electronics and other things to be sorted.
• Preserve! Materials, tools and other things that can be reused, which you yourself do not want, you place in the Reuse rooms (A325 and A425).
• Models! Models that you do not want to keep are left to the “Sustainability Board” in the Reuse rooms (A325 and A425). The models will be used in a recycling workshop on 26 August for new students to our undergraduate Architect program.

Do you need to take care of something that is at school but do not have the opportunity to go there? Let know what you need help with and we will see how we solve this in the best way together.

There are computer rooms at KTH that are available during the summer and the library is open until June 24 (and opens again early August). Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions!