May Newsletter – English version

Dear members, the summer is here and the spring term has come to its end. Time has come to enjoy the sun, its warmth and some well deserved time off!


  • Principals decision regarding the autumn semester
  • Closing of the A-school for the summer
  • Friday-pub at Nymble
  • Studentlunch
  • Happy Summer

President decision regarding teaching in the fall

The President of KTH has 1 June 2021 decided (V-2021-0421) that teaching and examination from and including 29 August 2021 and onwards shall be carried out according to the scenario low, which means the campus is open.

This also entails a focus on in person teaching, where only the parts of the teaching that reach at least the same quality digitally, as on site, will be conducted digitally. For more information check out this link.

Closing of the school during summer

End of term is approaching and the school building. If you have any belongings left please make sure you bring those home as the premises will be used for other activities during the summer. The last day to collect your belongings is Friday 11th of June and after that date students will no longer have access to the building. The library will remain open until June 24th.

Please keep the following in mind and clean the space you´ve used:

Slänga! I de gröna kärlen på ritsalsplanen slänger du brännbart.

  • To throw away! In the bigger green containers on floors 3, 4 and 5 you can leave combustible waste
  • Recycle! On the 1st floor, across from the janitors office our recycling roomm can be found. Recycle spray cans, glass, electronics and the likes here.
  • Re-use! Materials, tools and other re-usable things can be placed in the re-purposeing rooms (A325 och A425).
  • Models! Models you´ve made that you do not wish to keep and take home with you can also be left in for the Sustainability council in the re-purposingrooms (A325 and A435) These models will be used in a workshop on re-use for the new students during the reception on August 26th.

Do you have any questions regarding this or do you have belongings left at the school but cannot retrieve them yourself contact the school at

Friday pub at Nymble

Nymble are finally open íng up their friday-pubs again! They say go big or go home, and before we all go home for the summer Numble will host pubs on both Tuesday and Friday. More info can be found on THSs facebook. The bord will take it upon themselves to attend and enjoy the post-presentation freedom on the terrace, we highly recommend you swing by too! 

Student lunch of the month

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy the heat and sunshine than a refreshing lunch! We recommend swapping out the traditional carbs, protein, greens for a magnificent watermelon or two – no one will judge you for this, you are replacing a whole meal after all. 

Ingredients: Watermelon

Preparation: Cut into pieces – enjoy!

Delicious?: Extremely, super refreshing, 10/10! 

Price: approx. 15 kr/portion 

Happy summer!

A very special school year has come to an end. Hopefully new times are awaiting, where we once again can sit at school and discuss physical models, sketch together, have lunch at the rooftop terrace and enjoy an A-bar!

To the ones of you who are now finished with year 1: an extra well done to you! Entering a new education is never easy and now you have accomplished that entirely via digital education. The student life spans so much wider than what can be reached via a screen and zoom. Hopefully you will get to experience this in the autumn

The board would like to give thanks to all of you for the past year. Take care, make sure to get some well deserved rest and enjoy the summer! And when the time comes, get ready for the Reception!

Warm regards,

The board of the Architecture chapter