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  • Design Patches?
    Since we have a new Chapter Meeting hierarchy, we now need Your submissions/contributions for the Silver, Golden, and Purple patches!  What is this ‘Patch hierarchy’ really about? During a recent chapter meeting, a motion was voted through. According to this new system, anyone who attends several Chapter meetings will be revarded with special Chapter Meeting … Continue ReadingDesign Patches?
  • SM+
    Hi! 23rd of February, there will be an extra Chapter meeting. This is to vote about vice-chairmen candidates! We will also be voting about the changes of our statues that were presented at the last SM, and possibly discuss any motions, interpellations, and propositions that might be sent in.  This SM will probably be pretty … Continue ReadingSM+
  • SM2 – Highlights
    Hello! Last week, SM2 took off and here are some of the highlights: The Chapter got a new Chairman! Since our last chairman is out for an exchange, the chapter voted to replace her with Vincent Landemoo, who has been holding the position of vice-chairman during the fall. Good luck to him! SM also decided … Continue ReadingSM2 – Highlights
  • Awards and Missions of Honors 2023
    Standard Bearer Every year, one person is chosen to be the Standard Bearer and one person is chosen to be the vice-Standard Bearer. This is a mission of honor for two people who have been working well within the chapter. The mission consists of the honorable task of bearing the flag of the chapter at … Continue ReadingAwards and Missions of Honors 2023