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  • SM2
    Spring semester is starting soon, and it is time for another chapter meeting! The meeting will be held on Thursday, january 25th after school hours (from around 17.30) in room A124. During this meeting we will be electing new heads of committees! To apply for any of the electable positions please fill out this form … Continue ReadingSM2
  • SM1
    It is nearly time for the first SM of the new operating year! The meeting will be held on Wednesday 8 November after school hours (from around 17.30), in one of the lecture halls on the ground floor of the A school. The meeting will be focused on choosing the standard bearer, election committee, and … Continue ReadingSM1
  • SM4 Documents for meeting
    Hello! The following people have applied/been nominated for positions of responsibility within the chapter: President ·        Vincent Landemoo Vice President ·        Linn Nyholm Secretary ·        Evelyne Åkerlund ·        Jennifer Hagström Premise responsible student ·        Anna Jonsson Program responsible student ·        Evelyne Åkerlund Cashier ·        Jilda Bergström Club master (Festeriet) ·        Moa och Andreas International board … Continue ReadingSM4 Documents for meeting
  • SM4
    Time for CHAPTER MEETING! (SM4) Summer is over! During the 20th of September, the FIRST Chapter meeting of this school year is taking place.  The meeting will be held after the school day ends (17:30 ish) and will be held in one of the lecture halls in the A-school. In case of a long meeting, … Continue ReadingSM4