February News letter – English version

Hi again all chapter members!

Another month has passed and below we summarise what the board has been up to and what is happening in the chapter right now!

The winter meeting
Presentation of elected representatives
Presentation of chapter tote bag
Scholarships and awards
The booking system of the school’s premises
Student lunch of the month

The winter meeting

Our chapter’s third Chapter’s Meeting (SM) has been completed, this time digitally. Four of our policies were voted through to be updated, which will be available on our website, soon.

Elected representatives

JML (Equality student)

This position has not yet been elected and we are looking for a new student who want to work with these kinds of questions.

Interested? Contact the board!

Sustainability student

For this post Emelie Bry Berg was once again elected and will tackle the important issues regarding our chapter’s sustainability work this year as well. Congratulations, Emelie!

Bar master

For the position as the new Bar master of A-baren Gustaf Delebeck was elected. A-baren usually organises a bar once a month in the entrance hall of our building, for a good vibe and an after-school drink. Gustaf has previous experience as a Bar master, since he had the same position last year. Congratulations, Gustaf!

Honorary Flag Bearer

As a flag bearer, you carry the Architecture Chapter’s flag at solemn ceremonies. This is an honorary given to someone who has done a very good job within the section. This year it is Pernilla Karlsson who has been given this task, together with Julia Nordlöf as Vice Flag Bearer. Congratulations to you both!

Presentation of tote bag

This winter we had a competition where we looked for the designer of our chapter’s very first tote bag. During the Winter Meeting we voted which motif would decorate our tote bag and the winner was the design of Johanna Björnberg. Congratulations to Johanna and congratulations to the chapter for having a really nice tote bag!

Scholarships and awards

Both the Excellence Scholarship and the Buddy Award candidates were revealed during the Winter Meeting.

Excellence scholarship 2020

This year’s Excellence has done an outstanding work within Arkipelago, both as chairman and as vice chairman. He has been a true inspiration for everybody around him and has done an enormous amount of work behind the fair of 2020, which had to be cancelled last minute due to Covid-19. Nevertheless this member deserves to be appreciated, so a big congratulations to you, Herman Laestander!

Buddy Award 2021

For the Buddy Award 2021 the Meeting suggested two candidates, Emmy Mollgren and Emilia Eckerlid. Both Emmy and Emilia has been very helpful to their classmates with energy, help and digital support during the year and has therefore been nominated for the Buddy Award.

The actual decision is made later this spring by the Foundation of the Institute of Technology in Stockholm. We’re crossing our fingers in hope that both our candidates will receive this wonderful award!

The school’s booking system

It has now been a couple of weeks since the premises of our school partially became accessible, via the new booking system. The chapter’s Study Monitoring are constantly working to influence our school for the better and are now wondering what you students think about the system. Does it work good? What could be better? Are you missing something? Or are there any other aspects you want to highlight?

Contact our Program Manager Student (PAS) Julia Nordlöf at pas@arkitektursektionen.se and share your opinions and experiences!

Student lunch of the month

Our chairman Vendela offers you a real life hack this month: baked vegetables with dip. Basically chips for dinner but with nutrition!


Mixed vegetables of choice such as potatoes, squash, parsnips, celeriac, carrots, onion etc.
1 pack of sour cream
1 dip mix. Sourcream and onion is the only right choice. (According to her)

Cut the vegetables in preferred size and put them in the oven on a baking sheet for ~ 60 minutes. Mix the dip, Select your series, push up the sofa cushions and enjoy!

Delicious? YES
Price? ~ 11 SEK/portion

May your coffee be strong, may the glue on your models hold and may we dream of sitting in our school premises together once again. Take care of yourself until then! <3