March letter – English version

Spring is finally here! Here is a summary  from the board on what’s currently going on in the chapter:

Become a buddy!

The reception of new students is now looking for buddies! The reception is one of the largest (and coolest) events during your time as a student and you now have a chance to be a part of that time for new students.

As a buddy you will also:

 – experience the reception of new architecture students behind the scenes

 – be a part of the welcoming of new students to KTH, the chapter and THS

 – meet companies, students from other years and buddies from different programmes

 –take part in buddy activities, far from the reach of nØllan! 

Sign up through this form.


Finally has our order of ‘Ovvar’ arrived at the A-school! (Ovve=the chapter’s student attire). The board is on its way of making a Corona friendly plan of occasions when you can check out your pre ordered ovve or buy one, if you didn’t preorder it this fall! Look out for when you can come and get yours!

Månadens studentlunch

Nu närmar det sig påsk men pandemin är ännu inte över. Isolering är ett faktum men oavsett sällskap ska vi självklart fira högtiden! Här kommer ett recept på påskbuffé för en person. 





Lox / Raw spiced salmon (“gravad lax”) – the smallest package you can find

Meatballs (premade)


Crisp bread with butter and cheese

Easter candy – your favorites 


Boil the egg and split into halves, top with “kaviar” or mayonnaise.

Prepare the potato in a microwave. Poke holes in your potato using a fork and microwave on high for approx. 3-4 minutes per potato. If your microwave has a rotating plate you can place your potatoes along the outer edges of that plate to ensure even cooking.

Heat your meatballs, either in the microwave oven or fry them in a pan – or just make things easy for yourself and have them cold – no judgement here.

Set the table

Open cans and packages.


“Gott”: It´s traditional, of course you´ll love it

Price: too expensive

From all of us to all of you: happy easter!  💛