Buddy Scholarship 2022

Three candidates for the Buddy Scholarship was voted on by the chapter meeting in February.

Einar Palmberg Strengbom is nominated for his involvement in other students at KTH. Einar is a joy spreader who raises the mood at the entire school of architecture. He is generous with both his time and knowledge to other students and helps everyone who asks. In addition, he has been involved in the chapter both as finance manager and accountant during his undergraduate education and helped a number of years to learn autocad and rhino.

Niklas Malmrot is nominated because throughout the years he has always had an incredibly positive attitude towards everyone around him. If you ask him for help, he always shows up, regardless of whether it is in person, at school or within the chapter, and regardless of whether he is close to the person or has just met him. He is an expert at spreading joy wherever he goes and is not afraid to look goofy. You always feel welcome, included and happy in his presence!

Ivar Svensson is nominated because he talks with and is nice to everyone but above all gives himself time to talk and be nice to everyone. His coffee that he offers at a regular basis is also magnificent. He really stands up for everyone! It is important for him that everyone feels included and he spreads positive energy and is a generally good guy!