About us

The Architecture chapter is created by architecture students, for architecture students.

As part of the KTH university’s Student Union (THS), we have worked for over 100 years to improve everything about our studies at KTH. THS together with the chapters are there for the students to be involved in decision making, influence and have fun during their studies. It’s about a good welcome to the school, the time during and between studies and what to expect after graduation. It’s about influencing and being able to make oneself heard. It’s about letting seemingly crazy ideas take root and become reality. It’s about meeting new people and finding new contexts, but above all, it’s about having fun and having great fun.

As a non-profit association, there is the Architecture Chapter to optimise everything that is in the interest of architecture students – everything from new education plans or where to eat your lunch box, to how big the biggest party can be or how many people want to join in on a game of football. There are no crazy ideas, just the fear that they are not possible. The architecture section is there to help and realize these ideas. As a classic non-profit association, the Architecture Section has a board with subgroups. This is to, sometimes with the Law of the Kingdom of Sweden and various rules on behalf of KTH, more easily be able to pursue ideas and improvements of various kinds. This applies to e.g. subsidy of money, tips on sponsorship or contacts, various permits or borrowing of premises.

Like all chapters, people are elected to the board and subgroup positions once a year. Most are appointed during the annual meeting at the end of September, but some also during the winter or spring meeting. If you are interested in participating in any way, you can contact one of the members in school, or email the board at styrelsen@arkitektursektionen.se.