FOGA – gasque group

FOGA – or Party and Gasque Architecture in full – is the chapter’s Gasque Group. FOGA is lead by GAS – the Gasque Responsible Student. This year we have two GAS.

FOGA is there for you when you feel like your vocal chords haven’t bawled enough schnapps songs in one week and guarantee that you will have a wonderful gasque – no matter which one you attend.

They host everything from slasques to banquettes and they let the Architecture Gasque Bell chime loudly across campus.

A gasque is a dinner where you sing drinking songs from the A Chapter Song Book and you can make performances for the other participants (AKA ‘gyckel’). It is not obligatory but highly recommended. The dress code varies, but a safe bet is always the ovverAll or the Chapter Polo – not to a banquette however! As a member of FOGA you will also have the benefit of going to private FOGA parties and other shenanigans they host for their members.

The GAS of this year are Alexander Sjölund and Jilda Bergström (pictured below).

Do you want to get in contact with FOGA? Please email them at or send a message to them on their Instagram!