Application to the Student Union Council is open

The Student Union Council is the highest governing body at THS with representatives from all chapters. The Student Union Council decides on what THS should do as well as how the yearly turnover should be used. You also elect THS’ leaders in the form of President and Board. As a part of the Student Union Council, you are an important part of the democracy at THS.

The application period is between 2022-03-11 and 2022-03-27. Your candidacy will be visible to THS members during the election period between 2022-04-04 and 2022-04-17. You will be continuously updated when the election process reaches new stages, as well as when the final results are finalized.

This position on the Union board will represent all Architecture students and will therefore work closely with the A-chapter and its board to make sure the students opinions are properly represented.

Apply through: