The Reception

Your first time here at KTH you will meet the Reception Team. During four weeks in August/September the Reception welcomes the new students to the A school, to ensure that they will get the best possible start of their forthcoming 5 years at KTH. The reception is led by the Student Responsible for Reception (MAS, or as it is popularly rather called: MA).

During the Reception, gasques, activities, AWs at companies and team building are offered so that the first year students can get to know each other and be welded together as a group.

Of course, the Reception does not have its operations only in the summer – they work all year to plan and make a schedule with necessary activities for the newly students to follow. You get the chance to meet other Chapters and companies and learn everything it means to be a Phadder (buddy in English). During the autumn and spring semesters, the Reception Team is welded together and becomes a super squad that always has fun together!

If you want to have fun, this is the association to join!

MA this year is Melina Ellvin (pictured below).

Wish to contact the Reception? Please email or send a message to them on their Instagram.