Spring semester is starting soon, and it is time for another chapter meeting!

The meeting will be held on Thursday, january 25th after school hours (from around 17.30) in room A124.

During this meeting we will be electing new heads of committees!

To apply for any of the electable positions please fill out this form before january 15th.

You can also send in motions and interpellations! A motion is a request to change something within our governing documents and an interpellation is a question that is asked in relation to some part of the governing documents. The template for motions can be found HERE, template for interpellations can be found HERE and the finished motion or interpellation should be sent to

We will serve food during the meeting, and if you stay for the entire meeting, you will also receive a badge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to attend the meeting, you need to be a member of the chapter (through THS). Read more about the membership here: