The Board of the Architecture Chapter

Vincent Landemoo
Sofia Salomonsson
Linn Nyholm
Anna Jonsson
Klara Rosander
Evelyne Åkerlund

Jennifer Hagström
First Year Representative
Samuel Syrén

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The chairman has the main responsibility for the chapter activities. Areas of responsibility include ensuring that the articles of the chapter are complied with, holding regular board meetings, coordinating the daily work and the chapter’s development. The chairman has contact with the other chapters’ chairmen via THS’s chairman’s council.

Vice Chairman:

Is the chairman’s right hand, and helps with coordination and relief.

The tasks vary slightly from year to year and the VC supports where needed.


Is responsible for the chapter’s finances. Puts a budget together with the chairman and the board. He/she ensures that budget is followed and also does the books. Has insight into the chapter’s activities and gets an overall picture of the business.


PAS = Program responsible student
Ensures that the students’ perspectives are taken into account when making decisions concerning the education. Participates in many of the school’s meetings to convey the students’ will. This has been picked up at, for example, general meetings and influence committees, but also through representatives in each grade, who form a reference group for KNAS.


Is the link between the board and the chapter members. Responsible for the operation of the website, Facebook page, instagram, Slack, the bulletin board and make sure it is posted about events.


LAS = Premise responsible student
Does to some extent handle issues relating to the work environment and the school’s current and future premises, but mainly regarding the chapter premises, Byggeriet.
(Teknikringen 20A on campus)


Takes notes at board and mega council meetings.