SM2 – Highlights


Last week, SM2 took off and here are some of the highlights:

The Chapter got a new Chairman! Since our last chairman is out for an exchange, the chapter voted to replace her with Vincent Landemoo, who has been holding the position of vice-chairman during the fall. Good luck to him!

SM also decided on who would receive Kamratstipendiet! This is to honor good companionship at the chapter. Three people were chosen to be honored for their fellowship, these were Ellinor Bolt, Mira Lehto, and Majd Kajan. Congrats!

The Standard bearer of the year 2023 were also chosen last week. This year, Vincent Landemoo and Lisa Sanblom were chosen for this honorable mission!

Another thing is that we now have descriptions and illustrations of the medals one can receive at out Chapter. These can be found in the “reglemente“. Unfortunately, this is only available in Swedish at this point.