Awards and Missions of Honors 2023

Standard Bearer

Every year, one person is chosen to be the Standard Bearer and one person is chosen to be the vice-Standard Bearer. This is a mission of honor for two people who have been working well within the chapter. The mission consists of the honorable task of bearing the flag of the chapter at ceremonies. 

Who do you think should be the next standard bearer? Nominate someone of apply here.


The price is given out by Stiftelsen Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm and is to honor good companionship at the chapter. Three people can be chosen to be honored for their fellowship, and get to share a sum of money. To be able to achieve this award, a person needs to be a member of the chapter, but they have not necessarily done anything extraordinary for the chapter itself. 

Who do you think shows good fellowship and deserves to be awarded for it? Nominate someone here.


Every year, the award of excellence is given to someone that has been working extraordinarily within the chapter, such as contributions within any of the boards, associations or other forms of great input. 

The award is given out by Samhällsbyggnadslänken to A, IsB, B and W. The person that is awarded gets invited to go on a trip together with companies within the industry. 

You, as an architect, can nominate candidates that you think should be honored for this. The person must study architecture in the 4th or 5th grade, and also be a member of the chapter.  Nominate someone here.