Chapter meeting 4 (SM4)

The results of all elections during 21/9-22

The board

Chair: Julia Nordholm

Vice Chairman: Vincent Landemoo

Treasurer: Gottfrid Björk

KNAS (committee and committee responsible student): Alexander Sjölund

Communicator: Linn Nyholm

Secretary: Lisa Sandblom

Premise responsible student (LAS): Evelyne Åkerlund

Responsible for committees:

Responsible Archipelago: Vacant – tabled until the next meeting

Bartmaster A-bar: Emil Bergman and Miranda Lishajko

Responsible Event Committee: Sofia Salomonsson

Club masters Festeriet: Ester Lindstedt Hidiri and Felicia Larsson

Gasque responsible student, FOGA: Linda Forsell

Student in charge of reception: Staffan Eklund

Economy responsible students for committees:

Archipelago: Vacant – tabled for next meeting

A-bar: Fanny Cullberg

The event committee: Vacant – tabled until the next meeting

Festeriet: Leo Julin

FOGA: Vacant – tabled until the next meeting

Reception: Linn Nyholm

Board-responsible students:

Sustainability committee responsible student: Jens Kjellin

JML committee responsible student: Andrea Caceres Ramirez

Internationally responsible student: Vacant – tabled until the next meeting

Study board responsible student: Johanna Pettersson Björnberg

Other elected representatives:

Auditors: Pernilla Karlsson and Vendela Folke

Safety representative: Emilia Eckerlid

Nomination Committee 1 year: Mira Lehto and Alexander Sjölund

Nomination committee fill-in election 1/2 year: Lukas Lindell Welander and Leo Julin

The motion “Take back the Mega Council” was voted through with well over two-thirds approval.

The bill “Amendment in statutes” was also voted through.