Equality Board

The Equality Board works with questions regarding equality, diversity and equal treatment. The Equality Board is also a part of the Education Board and is responsible for the questions regarding their focus point. Both THS and KTH provides courses, support and discussion forums for the Equality Boards of each chapter so they have firm ground to stand on. Through the Education Board the Equality Board have direct contact with the school board at the Architecture School if you wish for them to bring anything up.

Their first priority is to continue to work with issues regarding equality in our school but they also host events that is connected to the subject. It can be workshops, lectures or other types of events.

Do you feel unsafe, have any questions or think that something regarding equality should be raised, please email the Equality Board at their email jml@arkitektursektionen.se or send them a message on their Instagram

JMLAS this year is Noel Sjöberg.