Design Patches?

Since we have a new Chapter Meeting hierarchy, we now need Your submissions/contributions for the Silver, Golden, and Purple patches! 

What is this ‘Patch hierarchy’ really about? During a recent chapter meeting, a motion was

voted through. According to this new system, anyone who attends several Chapter meetings will be revarded with special Chapter Meeting patches. After having attended four SM (chapter meetings), one will receive a Silver patch. After eight SM, a Golden patch, and after twelve, the Purple patch. The design for any other SM is already in place, see the table below.

Now we want your ideas for the missing designs! Submit your ideas in this form:

Graphic information: 

  • Max. 8 colors
  • Preferably not exceed the size limits of 60 mm * 60 mm

We want your submissions before the 19th of February.

Go Wild!